O’Brien: America’s withdrawal from the missile disposal treaty could lead Moscow to close talks



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US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien announced today, Wednesday, that Washington’s withdrawal from the medium and short-term weapons disposal treaty could lead China and Moscow to hold serious talks soon.

Moscow – Sputnik. The adviser said: “The United States has withdrawn from the ineffective medium and short-range weapons disposal treaty, and this decision comes at the initiative of President (Donald Trump) at the Ministry of Defense, and this may lead Russia and China to sit at the negotiating table for a serious discussion on the issue of limitation.” Of nuclear weapons in the coming months. ”
In the same context, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on Tuesday on the statements of NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, in which he considered that the destruction of the Treaty on the Limitation of Medium and Short-Range Missiles was an indication of the strength of the Alliance, recalling the state of clinical death that Exposed to “NATO”.

“Mr. Stoltenberg wanted this statement to reassure everyone again, that the mind of” NATO “is dead, and what remains is the force that when it is without mind, it destroys everything,” wrote Zakharova on her Facebook account.

And Washington announced, earlier last year, its withdrawal from the Treaty on the disposal of medium and short-range weapons, under the pretext of Moscow’s failure to adhere to them, as the United States demands Russia to get rid of the 9M729 missile, the range of which does not correspond to the treaty, according to Washington.


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