Not a carnival, but a “fancy dress” at Gelderse primary school | Interior


The parents’ association of the school took the initiative for the name change. “The Carrousel is a public primary school where we do not want to adhere to any particular faith,” one of the parents involved told the Gelderlander.

“Our society is based on Christian values, regardless of whether you believe in it or not,” says Petra van den Brink, director. “But we are a public school. So we participate in the tradition, but give it a different name. “

“It’s just a name”

Carnival prince in Zevenaar Eric Boschman believes that parents should not worry too much. “Carnival or fancy dress party, it’s just a name in the end. I am already happy that the school is still celebrating. It is just a great party, regardless of the religious background. ”

Carnival starts at the end of this month, but is already being celebrated at the school on Wednesday. According to the official celebration dates, the three-day celebration this year falls on Sunday 23 to 25 February 2020. Around the Christian Easter celebration, the Gelderse school already held a “spring lunch”.

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