Norwegian intelligence chief sees Russia’s new super weapons as a threat to his country


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Noting that the newly developed Kinjal hypersonic missile system of Russia could hit a target in Norway in 40 minutes, Norwegian Intelligence Service Chief Morten Haga Lunde argued that the new Russian missile systems pose a threat to Norway.

In the report, Focus 2020, which was prepared by the Norwegian Intelligence Service E-Tjenesten, where security threats facing Norway were evaluated, Russia and China were described as the main factors affecting Norway’s current threat situation and interests.

Morten Haga Lunde, in the news on the Norwegian state television NRK, “Russian and Chinese intelligence services interfere in all areas of society in these countries. This is not a transition process. Despite their differences, both Russia and China are moving in a more ‘authoritative’ direction.” used expressions.

Reminding that Russia is organizing military exercises such as ‘Ocean Shield’, Lunde underlined that advanced weapons systems such as Avangard, which Russian President Vladimir Putin said has the capacity to neutralize the US defense systems, are being developed by Russian experts.

Noting that Putin introduced 6 new weapons systems, including RS-28 Sarmat, which was described as the world’s largest nuclear missile in its Federal Assembly speech in 2018, Lunde said, “A few of them have special features and are out of existing weapon categories. Both weapon development and military exercises reveal that Russia is developing a more dynamic military force.” said.

Lunde argued that some of these systems have been tested in areas surrounding Norway and fall outside the scope of existing disarmament agreements, “We have observed test flights of the Kinjal ballistic missile. According to our calculations, this missile will be able to hit a target in Norway within 40 minutes if it is launched from an airplane on the Kola Peninsula. No. Norway is part of the global system and the Western system. These weapons are Norway poses a threat to “ used expressions.

Putin announced that they will produce unrivaled weapons

Following the announcement of US President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Medium Range Nuclear Forces Agreement (INF), Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is planning to have new weapons that are unrivaled in the world.

“Many of these weapons will be ready for mass production soon. Putin said, they are far ahead of the weapons abroad, in terms of their tactical and technical characteristics, they have no spouse and so on,” Putin said.

Vladimir Putin also spoke about the ‘invincible’ weapon systems developed by Russian experts in his speech at the Bundestag on March 1, 2018. One of the weapons introduced by the Russian leader was Kinjal hypersonic weapon. Putin stated that the Russian air force had successfully tested Kinjal to use and sent this weapon to the forces located in the south of the country.


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