Noah woods: Five-year-old rescues 2-year-old brother and family from a fire-ravaged home


WASHINGTON – A five-year-old man has been rescued from a tragic accident in a family home in Georgia, USA. Five-year-old Noah Woods has become America’s superhero overnight.

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On the night of the incident, Noah and his two-year-old sister slept together in the living room. However, the boy gets up from the room and sees smoke and fire. Knowing the danger, Noah first threw his sister out the window. Then the beloved dog was unleashed. At this time the two were living in the house along with five others.

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Later, Noah came to the house of a relative and sought help. The fire was later extinguished by firefighters. Authorities said the fire was caused by excessive electricity flowing from the children’s room. The family escaped with minor burns. The Bartwa Country Fire Department released a Facebook post saying that this is our hero, five-year-old Noah.

Relatives said the five-year-old man’s hasty decisions saved his life. Noah had minor health problems because he breathed smoke and suffered minor burns. The child is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital.

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