No shooting allowed; BJP protests at Vijay’s location Because the | Vijay


BJP activists protest in front of Neyveli NLC entrance Protesters have accused the shooting of the film as a threat to NLC security. Fossil Fuel Mining is a public company. It is reported that 200 people including actors and technicians are shooting at Neyveli NLC.

The shooting is currently underway on the 100-acre site where the company is mining. This is the reason for the BJP protests. Vijay’s Income Tax department, including his home in Chennai, resumed shooting on Friday.

The Income Tax department has said that Vijay has been questioned in connection with the investigation into the tax evasion of Anupuchean, who had paid interest to AGS, the maker of Big Big Cinema. He was interrogated at the Neyveli location on Wednesday and later returned home to Chennai till 8.45 pm.


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