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BJP leader Kapil Mishra today threatened to evict those protesting against the amendment of the citizenship law. Kapil Mishra has threatened the Delhi Police with consequences if the protesters are not evacuated from the roads of Jaffarbad and Chand Bagh. Mishra’s words are that they will remain restrained until the end of US President Donald Trump’s visit to India and then take to the streets to evict the protesters. Kapil Mishra’s group had staged a rally in support of the Citizenship Act last week.

“I give three days to the police. The protesters must be evacuated within that day. If not, we will advance ourselves. Three days later, US President Donald Trump will complete his visit and return from India. Until then, we will be restrained. There is no need for the police to comply. We will not be obliged to listen to you, ”Kapil Mishra said.

Within hours of this report, issues in Jaffarabad began. There were incidents of violence in Seelampur and Maujpur. The tension in Kallar started escalating into gunfire. Meanwhile, the number of people killed in clashes between opponents of the Citizenship Act and Northeast Delhi has risen to seven. Six of the victims were natives and one was a head constable. 105 people were injured in the clashes. The condition of eight people is critical.

Meanwhile, tensions in Delhi are continuing. In Maujpur and Brahmapuri this morning, the two factions clashed. A police flag march was held in Brahmapuri. Manoramayanus was also blocked during the reporting in Jafrabad.

Eight company CRPF troops, a Rapid Action Force and a women’s security force were stationed in the area. Meanwhile, the road blockade in Jafrabad against the Citizenship Act continues. Congress president Sonia Gandhi called on the people of Delhi to maintain communal harmony.

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 BJP leader Kapil Mishra speaks provocatively

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