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US withdraws from last week’s trade deal with US President Donald Trump, who is expected to sign his first India visit. The US has unexpectedly withdrew as the two countries are trying to achieve a mini-contract, although the disputes have not been resolved, the national media has reported. Trump is due to arrive in India on Monday for a two-day visit.

Trump had hinted that he would not sign the deal before the November US presidential election. The central government sources also said that the disputes were not resolved. However, the Indian team hoped that Modi and Trump would sign a mini contract.

According to the report, the US has stopped negotiations, saying it wants to reach a more comprehensive agreement. The impediment to the agreement is that India is not treating the US well. The US also highlights the high import tariffs imposed by India.

The visit of the US president will undermine the fact that the India-US trade agreement is not realistic. However, the Indian delegation said that the two countries will be conducting major defense deals. India will raise H-B visa issue. The revelation that Trump is seeking clarification on Modi in relation to the Citizenship Act and the NRC has intensified the political and diplomatic arena.

The deal to buy 30 helicopters for defense and naval forces in the defense sector, as well as a preliminary agreement on some US interests in intellectual property rights, was signed during Trump’s visit.

There may also be an agreement for missile shielding for Delhi’s air defense. Trump’s visit to India lasts 36 hours on the 24th and 25th. After his visit to Ahmedabad and Agra, Trump will arrive in Delhi at 24 pm. Next day there will be bilateral negotiations and agreements.

Trump visits India at the last minute with the signing trade deal from the US backed off

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