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PSV has not approached Arne Slot to become the new trainer in Eindhoven, the AZ coach said on Friday at the press conference. There have been rumors for some time that Slot is in the picture to succeed interim trainer Ernest Faber at PSV, but when asked, the former denies speculation.

“No”, Slot responds to the question whether PSV has already polled him. “They are working on a foreign trainer there? But okay, some people, certainly in this region, see the east as a bit abroad,” the trainer refers to his birthplace Bergtenheim in Overijssel. that would see him as the future successor to Erik ten Hag.

Slot feels delighted by the alleged interest. “In line with what I said about Calvin Stengs earlier in the week: it is only nice that all kinds of players, the trainer, the assistant trainers and my part the material man are in the picture. It is a confirmation that we are all doing very well. ” AZ was surprisingly eliminated by NAC Breda on Thursday-evening in the TOTO KNVB Cup (1-3), which Slot obviously finds dissatisfied.

“Normally we also discuss the opponent the day before the match”, Slot refers to the match at FC Twente on Saturday evening. “This time I kept it to ourselves. I thought that would be better. I explained to the players where the pain points are. One is more return in the final phase of the attack, the other point is the switchover. If we counter four or five “It is not possible that the defenders are abandoned. You only have to sprint back a few times at AZ, but that has to happen.”

Slot emphasizes that he continues to demand supreme concentration from his team. “This season we are rightly praised for our beautiful game and the many times that we get into the opponent’s penalty area. Just as importantly, no club in the Eredivisie has worked harder than we did in the first half of the season. We have to stay that way I told the boys not to become a yo-yo. ”



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