No date yet for Club Brugge-Antwerp cup final


No definitive date has yet been set for the cup final between Antwerp and Club Brugge. That is the surprising conclusion after hours of consultation between representatives of the two clubs, the city of Brussels, the police, the Soccer Cell of the Interior and the Belgian Football Association. It seems that it is mainly waiting for the judgment of Philippe Close, the PS mayor of Brussels.

The football association had put Saturday 21 or Sunday 22 March in the football agenda as possible dates for the cup final. Everyone assumed that Sunday afternoon at 2.30 pm was the right time, since the match between the two arch-rivals received the “high risk” stamp.

But the meeting at the football association brought no solution. “Meetings with the competent authorities can only take place the following days. Based on this, the date and time of the kick-off of the final will be confirmed, “the KBVB announced on its website. Read: the city of Brussels still has to give its approval.

Neither was a decision made about a combination arrangement, ticket prices, etc. Only that Club Brugge was designated by draw as “home team” in the final and Antwerp as “visiting team”. All involved are now waiting for a new date to continue the discussions.


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