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That is then your subjective opinion, your values ​​for games are different. I myself enjoyed BOTW instead of witcher series. At the witcher I just didn’t get in well. And that is more than fine. But to say that Nintendo is not good is crooked. Nintendo has always done its own thing and therefore they are also successful. quality is the most important thing in games and you can see that in the 1st party games. What you think of it graphically is subjective and there is a good chance that we will not agree on this. However, objectively, you must be able to admit that Nintendo is doing extremely well.
– Little to no day one patches, the games are playable from release (cherry picking possible and of course examples where it did not happen, however, compared to other publishers / makers much better)
– large and robust quality control
– trying new things (handheld console, don’t take my switch with me because I don’t have time for gaming while driving or traveling to and from locations)

I enjoy the Nintendo games a lot, Mario Oddysey because it brings me back to the Mario 64 / Sunshine era. play the game a lot to find all the moons and take on new challenges. Simply delicious. BOTW also for the reason that you can decide what you do and how you do it.

The philosophy of nintendo is clearly reflected in the 1st party games, Gameplay is the most important, the rest will come later, If the gameplay is correct and feels good (Mario is a character you jump with, that’s his core. Cappy is an addition to the core of mario and feels very natural, Splatoon is the paintgun the core, instead of shooty shooty with guns is t paint, you also notice in the gameplay) zelda, smash, all games with core gameplay that has been worked out to the bone. And that makes it for many people that Nintendo is GOOD in what they do

Sure I can dream of 4k 120fps nintendo power games. holy shit that would be nice but that’s not what nintendo does it for, and that’s fine. the appearance is less important. I know myself that when a new Nintendo game comes out, I am more curious than a game from another publisher, with some exceptions of course (borderlands, cities skylines, 2 games I enjoy), because of the experiences with Nintendo and their quality.
That is my nintendobril


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