Newborns contracted the Chinese coronavirus – Diseases


Two cases of new coronavirus infection have been detected in newborns in Wuhan. The children’s hospital in the city from which the infection started confirmed the cases, RIA Novosti reports.

The baby was born on February 2, with the mother already diagnosed with the new virus. He was diagnosed 30 hours after birth. The baby was immediately transferred to a special ward to be treated for pneumonia caused by the infection. His condition is stable, but a lung infection and impaired liver function have been established, BTV said.

The number of coronavirus patients is increasing

The second child was born on January 13 and was healthy at birth. On January 22, a coronavirus was detected in a woman who cared for the baby’s mother before and after giving birth. On January 26, the disease was confirmed in the mother, and on January 29, the newborn began coughing, vomiting and fever. In this case, it is not clear who was first infected – the mother or the child. However, doctors are alerted for special monitoring of all newborns and children who have had contact with the infected because they do not have developed immunity.

The number of infected with 2019 nCoV in mainland China has exceeded 24,300 people, with 490 dead. One person also died in Hong Kong. Over 170 are coronavirus patients, one of whom died in the Philippines.


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