Newborn baby in Wuhan already has the corona virus


The mother of the infected baby tested positive for the virus just before she gave birth. The newborn did not have a fever or cough, but was short of breath and showed abnormalities in liver function.

Pass on virus

Medics say in Chinese media that the infection of her baby can be a case of “vertical transmission.” This means that a mother can pass on the virus during pregnancy, delivery or immediately after birth. “Because of this, we know that we need to pay extra attention to this new route of coronavirus transmission,” says a Chinese physician.

That does not mean that unborn babies will always get the virus when the mother has it. Last Monday a baby was born in China without a corona virus, while the mother was sick.

Not only baby

As far as we know, the newborn baby is the youngest who is infected with the virus, but not the only baby who has it. Another baby in China is said to have been infected by his mother or babysitter in January.

The virus killed nearly 500 people and infected tens of thousands of people.

This is how the corona virus spread:


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