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Maurice Roemer was sworn in by governor Desi Bouterse as governor of the Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS) yesterday. His appointment as bank president took place at the presidential palace in the presence of representatives from various institutions such as the trade union movement, Surinamese Bankers Association (SBV), ministers and the chairman and members of parliament.

“It is well known that it is a big challenge that you face, but we have a lot of hope that the trust that must be regained in the institute and everything related to it will be guaranteed. It will not be an easy way, but it is entrusted to your intelligence. It will be a rocky road, “said Vijay Kirpalani, government commissioner at the CBvS.

The president expressed his gratitude to all who wanted to make a contribution but were not chosen due to circumstances. In his speech, he stated that the governor has a heavy task, because he has to restore confidence in the financial institution. Roemer received the decision for his new task from the head of state. It is a challenge for the new-born governor. “The challenge is immense, but in the interest of the country, I will make every effort to ensure that the Central Bank can regain its place and role in the economic system.”

Armand Zunder left immediately after congratulating the new governor. Photo: Suriname Herald

The position of governor was vacant following the scandal of Robert van Trikt, who was still arrested due to financial malpractices at the parent bank. Then Sigmund Proeve, former director of the De Surinaamsche Bank, was tipped. However, he withdrew. Armand Zunder, chairman of the Progressive Employee Organization, was then pushed forward by part of the trade union movement. However, he was also not eligible for the position, because he received no support from the C-47 trade union.

Roemer, who is a nomination from the SBV, then went to battle against Lutchman. Minister Gillmore Hoeftraad van Financiën would have preferred Lutchman as governor, but President Bouterse decided differently and opted for Roemer. Prior to his appointment, the new governor was director of the insurance company Self Reliance.

The president, vice president, and assembly president during the ceremony at the presidential palace. Photo: NII

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