New Care Centers Opened for Hajj Umrah Pilgrims


Riyadh: Two new Care Centers opened in Medina for Hajj pilgrims It is under the supervision of Hajj Umrah Ministry. Two centers have been established at Baqi’a and Amir Mohammed bin Abul Aziz Airport. Apart from Hajj Umrah pilgrims, the services provided by companies dealing with their affairs and insurance requirements for pilgrims from overseas can be completed through the Self Service Kiosk pool or with the help of staff here.

The centers are staffed with the ability to speak different languages. The center also has the ability to track pilgrims’ data by fingerprint. The Hajj Umrah Ministry started care centers a few months ago. With the addition of two centers in Medina, the total number of care centers grew to four. Over 30 different services are available from the Center for individuals and organizations. 16 Services are through Self Service Kiosks and 14 Services are Through Us. The Hajj Umrah Ministry is trying to increase the total number of services to 60.

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