New brutal online shopping scam steals VIDEO money


You return the goods after shopping online, but they do not give you the money for it. This problem has been reported by people who have been waiting for online merchants for more than a month to refund their canceled purchases. Fraud or abuse of our rights is this – the answers were sought from a new television station.

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At the end of November last year, the user Mikhail Milov from Pazardzhik ordered a multimedia device for watching TV through a website on the Internet.

“It later turned out to be not what I expected and I returned it in the hope that my sum would be refunded,” the victim said.

More than two months later, the purchase amount was not refunded. Thus, Michael remains without the purchased device, and without the money he gave for it.

“I called to ask why I did not have a money order for what I returned, but they say they are not guilty because it is from an external source and they will tell me when they have an answer,” said Michael.

It turns out that the online platform from which he made the order is not the real trader. The site offers quotes from different sellers. The one Michael ordered from is Albanian, which makes contact almost impossible. In this case, the responsibility lies with the trader, not the platform. And that makes the money back harder.

“Very often, they turn to the one who provides the point of sale, rather than specifically addressing the retailer, and thus consumers run the risk of expiring this 14-day period. That is, from the very beginning they have to see which merchant they are buying from, ”explained Hristo Trendafilov of the Labor Code.

The law, however, is categorical: There is a violation because anyone can refuse a product purchased online without a reason within 14 days. And then get his money back – again within 14 days.

“The obstruction of the right of refusal of the consumer and the possibility to return the money is a violation of the law, for which the trader is responsible,” said Trendafilov.

The user Georgi Peev is also in a similar situation. At the end of the year, he ordered a security camera for $ 62 from an online retailer. The ordered product is not what it expects and returns it. But for more than a month, the money for the camera has not come.

“The trouble began with the correspondence, because the e-mail I send them is automatically answered with a ready reply. I also couldn’t reach the phone. In reality, at one time I wanted to offer them to return my camera if they did not want to send me the money, “Georgi said.

Our review showed that access to the site from which he purchased was temporarily restricted.

We also find complaints about affected users in the Facebook forums. After returning the clothes they bought from a well-known fashion website, the money has not come to the account for nearly a month, it is clear from the comments.

The cashback problem is temporary due to a technical issue, the online retailer explained in response to our inquiry. And the amounts due are already paid to the affected customers, who will separately be compensated for the inconvenience.

What can we do if we are not given back the money for a product and how to get itlooking for our first one – watch the video:


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