New Audi A3: first impression


Exclusive first round of driving

AutoWeek 6 2020
AutoWeek 6 2020

This article was published in AutoWeek 6 2020

Audi is taking the brand new A3 to the exhibition floor in Geneva next month. Even before the car shows its snout to the public, AutoWeek can exclusively take a block in the fourth generation of the German compact mid-sized car.

To reveal nothing of the production-ready car before its unveiling, Audi sends us the deserted mountain roads of the Azores with a creatively packaged A3. The brand did this before with, for example the electric E-tron, Skoda with the Octavia and parent company Volkswagen with the ID.3. Each of us was introduced to all those cars before the official unveiling moment had taken place. The recipe is clear: the manufacturer sends the photos, all cameras are taped and further specifications are not shared yet. It is purely about our impression!

Since Audi is not very generous with information in our driving test, we find out that we are probably shaking hands with an S3. Papers in the glove compartment teach us that the model is slightly heavier than the current S3 and draws its power from a 1,984 cc engine. An S-Tronic automatic transmission is linked to the block. The controls also feel fairly light.

Although ‘our’ A3 is considerably wrapped, Audi does not prevent many definitive lines from coming forward. It seems to be a solid development of the current generation, with many design influences from Audi’s current garage. For example, we recognize many forms of the newer A1 and Q3.

You can read about how the balanced chassis feels and the seating position further on in the extensive first driving test from AutoWeek 6. That edition will be available in all stores from today and will be delivered to all subscribers tomorrow. The official unveiling of the new Audi A3 follows at the beginning of March at the Geneva Salon.


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