Nazi alliance crisis derailed Christian Democratic Union: Gabriel says ‘we’re experiencing the end of the CDU’


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The political earthquake caused by the cooperation between the CDU and the FDP and the AfD, dubbed the ‘Nazis’, has shifted the ground of the CDU. It is the question mark that the CDU will come when Merkel will not be a candidate again and his successor AKK resigned from the leadership. “We are experiencing the end of the second largest public party,” said the heavy ball of the SPD.

Adoption of more than 1 million Syrian refugees in Germany has led to an extreme right-wing reaction and two mainstream parties – the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party, the coalition government partner, as the Alternative for Germany (AfD). (SPD) – cannot recover.

Finally, the AfD, CDU and liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP), instead of the Left Party, which won the election in Thüringen province, cooperated with the state prime minister to create the FDP candidate, which created a political earthquake that the CDU found itself in an uncertain future.

With the resignation of the FDP state prime minister in Thuringia and the declaration of early elections, the national crisis has not passed, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, whose Prime Minister Angela Merkel handed over the presidency of the CDU due to the aftershocks of the Syrian refugee crisis, has left her post.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (AKK), who is holding a press conference today, announced that he resigned from the CDU Presidency and therefore will not be a candidate for prime minister in the 2021 general elections. Chancellor announced that he will remain the Minister of Defense in the government at the request of Merkel.

Merkel said that he respected his successor’s decision, but that it was reflected in the press statements that AKK resigned on the grounds that some sections in the CDU had an ambiguous attitude towards the AfD.

SPD, on the other hand, asked the government partner CDU to distance far right, while former SPD President Sigmar Gabriel commented, ‘The end of the CDU we know’.

Calling the CDU to set a firm distance from the extreme right-wingers, SPD President Norbert Walter-Borjans said the CDU was in a directional debate and felt that the party had not been able to lead for a long time.

Stating that he hopes the CDU will remain a mass party, Walter-Borjans stressed that the CDU and FDP hope to return to the basic consensus on ‘never again fascism’ with the SPD.

SPD Foreign Minister Heiko Maas also called for the future leader of the CDU to set an open position in the fight against the right.

Sigmar Gabriel de Bild, who has held many positions from SPD’s presidency to candidate for prime minister and foreign ministry, made evaluations about the CDU.

Saying that the government was paralyzed for the second time because of the CDU after the leadership change in SPD in November, Gabriel said he predicts early elections in the near future.

“We are experiencing the end of Germany’s second largest party,” said the CDU, after the CDU Thüringen state agency cooperated with AfD unaware of it, saying that the AKK’s qualification is normal.

The former SPD leader pointed out that after the SPD, the CDU was also unable to reconcile two opposing wings within the party.


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