NATO agrees to expand its operations in the Middle East and Iraq


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The US Defense Secretary, Mark Esber, confirmed that NATO has agreed to expand its operations in the Middle East and Iraq, in coordination with the authorities in Baghdad.

Cairo – Sputnik. “NATO, before expanding its role in the Middle East and Iraq in coordination with Iraq,” Esber said in a press conference today, Thursday.

He added: “NATO will act to deter and prevent any acts of violence in the region, and to ensure that no other terrorist movement appears to impose a fait accompli on the countries of the region.”

In a related context, Esber stressed that the United States, urging NATO members, is considering innovative solutions for this alliance to be “the largest in the world”.

On the Qamishli incident, yesterday, in which American forces clashed with gunmen, Esber stressed: “With regard to yesterday’s incident, we are studying the matter, and we have our investigations and our method of dealing with such incidents.”

The US Secretary of Defense said that “the best solution in Afghanistan is the political solution,” adding: “The United States and the Taliban negotiated a reduction in violence in Afghanistan for a period of 7 days.”


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