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President Desi Bouterse today informed the various trade union federations about the current issue at the Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS). President Bouterse emphasized, among other things, that a national approach is necessary to bring peace to Suriname.

Errol Snijders, chairman of the AVVS De Moederbond, tells the NII that he regrets that Sigmund Proeve, who was nominated to fill the position of governor of the Central Bank of Suriname, has abandoned this for personal reasons. Snijders says he understood the intention of the government that wanted peace as soon as possible within the monetary institution.

During the interview, the president promised to work towards a solution, says the trade unionist. The Mother Union advises the head of state to appoint a strong figure who has knowledge of the situation for the Central Bank of Suriname so that a healthy situation can arise in the short term.

Sonny Chotkhan, president of the Organization of Cooperating Autonomous Trade Unions (OSAV), also emphasizes that, now that it is clear that Proeve is renouncing nomination as governor, it should look for a person who can bring peace.

The union leader has noticed that the current situation is reflected in the prices on the shelves. This situation must be stopped as quickly as possible. The OSAV would like to see clear rules from the government with regard to the policy on the cambios. They will have to support the parent bank when it comes to curbing price developments.

The trade unions have expressed their opinion and vision and hope that they will be included.

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