Nanjamma billionaire with a dull laugh Suresh Gopi on foot! Viral Video | Nanjamma


Suresh Gopi will be the guest of the show in Vazhiyil Manorama. The promo video of the billionaire episode is now going viral in cyber world.

Suresh Gopi addressed the singer as “my own little model.” Suresh Gopi took Nanchamma to the stage by embracing her. Suresh Gopi asks Nanchamma, who is called Saare, whether he knows who he is. “Yes, sir,” the singer replied, laughing. She added that she was aware that she was a billionaire.

The promo video also features a song of the goddess’ sung song ‘Nanchamma’ which is very embarrassing. The video also features Suresh Gopi greeting the singer’s feet at the venue. Fans are getting heartbroken after the song Nanjamma sung with Prithviraj and Biju Menon in the movie Ayyappan Koshyam.

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