“My God say, with Schwaab in the back you only put yourself in trouble”


Pierre van Hooijdonk is very shocked by the way PSV tried to play football in the Johan Cruijff Arena on Sunday afternoon. The analyst of the NOS saw how the people of Eindhoven wanted to build up, but that it did not succeed.

According to Van Hooijdonk, the ‘uncertain’ PSV should have chosen a different tactic. “If you want to play like that in Amsterdam, while you’re not in shape, well ..”, the former attacker sighs during Studio Soccer. “They can’t get away with it. Certainly not against Ajax. You don’t want to make a team that is already insecure even more uncertain by taking so much risk in the back?”
Van Hooijdonk was stunned by the TV, he said. “They have kept the ball in the team for less than three seconds. It was just shooting away. Or building up with all the risks that entails. Schwaab is not a builder and he will then do these kinds of things. He shoots everything in all directions. My god say , Schwaab in the back. Then you only get yourself into trouble. “


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