Municipal in Paris: Anne Hidalgo still in the lead, Rachida Dati in ambush


The candidate LR goes up against the socialists, ecologists and macronists. Will it make a difference in a city ideologically dominated by the left? If the polls give her the loser in the second round, Rachida Dati remains for the counselor of Paris and ex-senator Yves Pozzo di Borgo, the most experienced for such a position. Interview.

With 24% of the voting intentions, Anne Hidalgo is always given in mind in the race for mayor of Paris, according to an Ipsos-Sopra Steria poll for France info, published Thursday February 20. In second position appears Rachida Dati (20%), closely followed by Agnès Buzyn (19%). An opinion poll that takes the opposite of two others, published the day before. Harris’ interactive Epoka poll puts the two candidates side by side, with 23% of voting intentions. That of Odoxa for Le Figaro and CGI, place for the first time led by the leader of the Republicans in the capital, with 25% of the intention to vote, ahead of its socialist competitor (23%).
However, if candidate LR has clearly progressed in one month (+5 points), widening the gap with the candidate of the Republic on the March (LREM), Anne Hidalgo would win in the second round in “most of the hypotheses tested“, Diagnose our colleagues, evoking a”predominance“Of the camp that the current mayor of Paris would then gather around it: a socialist-ecological alliance at 42% against Les Républicains at 33% and a macronist camp at 25%.

“This is the first time in Paris that a mayor has had so few voting intentions. It is not normal for an outgoing mayor to have only 23% or 25% of voting intentions. This proves that there is a phenomenon of rejection of the mayor “, tempers at the microphone of Sputnik Yves Pozzo di Borgo, adviser of Paris (New Center).

he points out that according to the Odoxa poll for Le Figaro, Rachida Dati would get 32% of the votes in the second round, without ally, against 36% for the outgoing mayor. For those who present themselves as “one of the oldest elected members of the Paris Council“, The candidate of the right would be best able to respond to the daily problems of Parisians, who in his eyes are not”in a logic of big projects“.
Parisians “weary“, Who want to see someone from”concrete“Deal with issues of cleanliness, mobility and security,” he said, recalling the increase in violence and burglaries in the capital, so that they can “live in a city where they are happy to live.“Practical things”that Hidalgo forgot a little“, Believes the Parisian elected official.
Yves Pozzo di Borgo is thus severe on the ecological balance of the Parisian councilor, a theme which is however dear to him. Although he believes that the mayor of Paris has “not wrong”Concerning his fight against fine particles emitted by cars and especially Diesel engines, Yves Pozzo di Borgo underlines certain paradoxes of the anti-car policy deployed by the town hall of Paris, which pushed people towards the bicycle and the metro . A metro “saturated” during rush hour and the mayor “never take“, Emphasizes the elected Parisian.

“The metro is a fine particle bomb!” Fine particle levels in the metro are up to 30 times higher that open air rates. This is the whole contradiction of Hidalgo, “he asserts.

Another consequence of Paris’s anti-car policy is the increase in the number of two-wheelers in the capital “it encouraged the arrival of motorcycles and motorcycles are the most polluting motor vehicles!“He laments, recalling that”the biggest pollution comes, not from cars, but from old buildings that need to be renovated.And unsurprisingly, the Paris adviser points to the traffic jams and their consequences:

“The entire Concorde area on Boulevard Saint-Germain is saturated with cars, with terrible pollution!”, Sharing the testimonies he collects from pharmacists in the 7th arrondissement, whom he lives “All tell me that the rates bronchitis and bronchiolitis explode! I had asked Hidalgo several times to put sensors in this area, she always refused. “

to his eyes, “practically nothing“Has not been done by the Socialists at the Paris City Hall since the vote, in 2007, of the Climate plan presented by Bertrand Delanoë. So in the opposition, the centrist group of which Yves Pozzo di Borgo was president, had voted in favor of this plan.

Other “hypocrisyIn his eyes, the electoral posture of the outgoing mayor with regard to the disabled. Anne Hidalgo presented on February 17 her measures to make the capital the city of “universal accessibility. Returning to his experience at the Palais du Luxembourg, where he was a senator for Paris, Yves Pozzo di Borgo recalls the vote on the Chirac law, aimed at promoting access for the disabled, in particular to buildings and transport. At the time, many waited for Paris to set an example, but it did not happen, quite the contrary.

“Because the big cities, especially the city of Paris, which should have been the model city, did nothing, we were forced to vote a law in the Assembly and in the Senate to postpone the deadlines for application compliance for the disabled. And there, I see that Hidalgo is taking a big step for the disabled… this hypocrisy is no longer possible! ” if he chokes.

Finally, Yves Pozzo di Borgo criticizes the choice that was made to pre-empt buildings for the development of social housing, “when we should rather build social housing“. A choice which explains according to him half of the 6 billion euros in debt of Paris, although it puts this amount into perspective with regard to the 9 billion city budget. Finally, the Paris councilor deplores the lack of consultation with the mayors of arrondissement and those of neighboring municipalities.
How then can we explain why Anne Hidalgo’s polls remain at the top three weeks before the first round of the elections? Yves Pozzo di Borgo concedes a “political buy-in“Which the outgoing mayor enjoys, recalling the support of a”left network which remains strong” in Paris. “We can grant her that on the bicycle case, she made an effort, even if it did not correspond to what she wanted to do exactly“, He adds, also stressing the specificity of voting in the capital and its system of large voters (163 councilors from Paris).
Before voting for one of the candidates running for mayor of Paris, Parisians first vote for their arrondissement mayor. Elected officials who, whatever their political affiliation, are recognized by their voters.

“These mayors are holding voices! People vote more for the mayor than for Hidalgo. It is the accumulation of these mayors who are for her, who have a particular electorate and which we find in this 23%. It’s the accumulation of these local elected officials, who are doing their job well. ”

As for the candidate arriving in third position, Agnès Buzyn, parachuted from the government to come and defend the interests of the presidential majority in Paris after the abandonment of Benjamin Griveaux, Yves Pozzo di Borgo wishes to recall the importance of the experience that you must have to pilot a city like Paris.

“You have Agnes Buzyn who is very nice, but she doesn’t know anything. She will arrive with people who know nothing. It will be the same as Macron who comes to power with people who know nothing. So, what state is the city of Paris going to be in if Buzyn ever takes it with a team that doesn’t know much? ”

The city of Paris, you learn, it is not overnight that one can become mayor of Paris and the one who has the most experience for me is Rachida Dati,“Believes Yves Pozzo di Borgo. He also regrets the support of ministers for the candidate LREM, as that of Laurent Nuñez, Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner, who visited Agnès Buzyn to talk about security.

“Wait, he’s the Minister of the Interior! He is Minister of Elections! He does not have to get involved for a candidate, especially with regard to his record in security in Paris … “, indignant Yves Pozzo di Borgo.

On the side of the outgoing mayor, some affairs seem to be catching up to her, after makeup of city accounts revealed by Capital, it’s the Duck chained which returns to a “gift to 15 million“Which would have been granted to Smovengo, the company in charge of Vélib management.


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