Mourinho suggested changes to the use of VAR – Football World – England


Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho has reiterated his call for major changes to the use of VAR in the Premier League after video of the match against Manchester City (2-0) became very popular on social networks. It shows how the Portuguese and his assistant are violently protesting against the fourth referee of the match. The two want a second yellow card for Rahim Sturgling, who tried to make a second penalty for the “citizens.” The first, executed by Ilkay Gundogan, was rescued by Hugo Loris. the replay system, as well as Stirling’s decision to get only the yellow card, not the red, for his gross misconduct against Delle Ali.

“My reaction was simply based on the fact that I could watch everything on screen. I see the situation of Delhi, the penalty, the claims for the penalty. I see everything and it breeds emotions. I became popular for the wrong reasons, but that’s the way it is, “said the 57-year-old Spurs mentor, quoted by AFP.

Unlike other European Championships, judges in England are advised not to use terrain monitors to review their own decisions, and instead the last word is given to officials watching a duel from a VAR TV screen in London. According to a YouGov survey, 67% of English fans do not like VAR because of the frequent delay, different decisions in identical situations and the cancellation of goals for near-invisible ambushes.

“If the referees are not allowed to go to the screen and make important decisions in the match, they can change the name from video assistant referee to video referee. At this moment the referees on the pitch do not make the most important decisions in the match. Give them this opportunity, I do not accept the mistakes made by the video referee, “Mourinho finished his speech.


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