Mother of Tine Nys in coma after cardiac arrest


Kathleen, the mother of Tine Nys, has had a cardiac arrest on Friday after a hotly discussed euthanasia process. She is being held in an artificial coma. Joris Van Cauter, family lawyer, confirms this.

“Everything is allowed in assize. Mother Tine Nys in artificial coma after cardiac arrest. #collateraldamage. ”Lawyer Van Cauter announced the tragic news via Twitter on Saturday afternoon. He confirms the news to our editors. “The mother has been suffering from cardiovascular problems for some time and therefore had to undergo emergency medical treatment during the first week of the trial. This was successful, after which she could start her rehabilitation at home. Witnessing the process in which the euthanasia of her daughter Tine was central was not an option. Her husband was regularly absent for that reason to take care of her. However, she has been hospitalized again in recent days. On Friday, just after the trial, she had a cardiac arrest. We can only hope that she will make it. ”

“Dirty family laundry became the heart of the matter”

He does not want to have said explicitly whether there is a causal link with the violent assize case. “Coincidence? I am not a heart specialist. I only note that a lot of unnecessary dredging has been poured out over the family in recent weeks. This had to be a process in which the central question was whether the euthanasia had gone according to the book, quid non. But it has become a process in which some felt it was necessary to regard the dirty laundry of that family as the core of the matter. There is no doubt that such a thing has come across particularly hard for the entire family. As a mother, you don’t want something like that to be publicly said about your daughter. You should also not forget that the family has been going through a very intense period for ten years. Since the death of Tine, these people have been sitting on an emotional rollercoaster. In fact, it is unheard of and inhumane in social, medical and legal terms what they have had to endure. We can now only hope that the mommy will be fine. ”

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In recent weeks, the lawyer has been assisting the Nys family during the assize process that revolved around the euthanasia of Tine (38). In 2010, Tine received euthanasia for psychological suffering, but according to her family, the euthanasia was not performed properly and the doctor was not well prepared. On Thursday night, the three doctors involved, Lieven Thienpont, Joris Van Hove and Frank De Greef, were acquitted after hours of consultation with the assize jury.


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