‘Monte … sucker, don’t fight …’; Bibin George in support of Quadan


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Actor and screenwriter Bibin George has expressed his support for the victim of the brutal mockery of the shortage. A video of a boy named Quadan crying out that his friends are scoffing at the shortage has taken to social media.

Quadan, an Australian, asks his mother in the video if she can kill anyone. From those words, it is clear that Quaden is a victim of such cruel mockery. The video was shared on social media by Quadan’s mother, Yaraka Bales.

Bibin George, who shared Quadan’s pictures, reminded his mother that if she lived to live, nothing would make her life worse. They keep trying to scream. You should try to laugh. Bibin George added that the last laugh is yours and they will cry that day.

Full version of Bibin George’s Facebook post

Da .. Chucker, if you only listen to your mother and live by it, then … Nothing to fear….

They will keep trying to make you weep. You just have to keep trying to laugh. The world will see your laughter at the end. They will cry that day.

Tell them to “Go and die.” You just need to move out into the light to see the world.

“Don’t fight ….” 😘

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