Modi warns Pakistanis to save their lives Imran Khan is silent | Coronavirus | India | China | Pakistan | Modi


NEW DELHI: India has announced that Pakistani citizens could be evacuated from Wuhan, China, which has contracted coronavirus. Pakistan has refused to respond to the Indian government’s request to evacuate Indian students as well as Pakistani nationals. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would bring back Pakistani students from China. But Imran Khan did not respond to India’s humanitarian attitude, according to news agency IANS.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has called on the Pakistani government to help the 640 people stranded in Wuhan following the novel coronavirus outbreak. However, IANS reports that Imran Khan has failed to respond to India’s promises due to confusion and confusion in Pakistan.

In addition to the evacuation of Indians, India had been informed that it would help all the neighboring countries. But few in the Maldives and Bangladesh have accepted India’s help. Seven citizens of the Maldives and one Bangladeshi national were evicted from Wuhan. The Maldives government thanked India for rescuing its citizens.

Pakistani students also took to social media to protest against the Pakistani government’s unwillingness to rescue those trapped in China. They also criticized India for learning. However, Pakistan has decided not to bring back its citizens in order to show solidarity with China.

Content Highlights: Prime Minister Narendra Modi had evacuate Pakistani students from China’s Wuhan city hit by novel Coronavirus but Prime Minister Imran Khan failed to respond to his humanitarian gesture.


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