mobile-world-congress-cancelled-due-to-coronavirus-concerns- | Coronavirus fear; Mobile World Congress canceled



The Mobile World Congress (MWC) has been canceled this year following fears of coronavirus. The Mobile World Congress is to be held in Barcelona from February 24-27. Various companies have withdrawn from the Mobile World Congress due to fears of coronavirus. GSMA is a commercial conglomerate consisting of over 1200 companies. Mobile technology companies other than Apple are part of the event. The fair also has the participation of millions of people.

The WHO has declared a health emergency in view of the seriousness of the problem. Following this, MWC organizers planned preventive measures, including checking the health of attendees, banning those from China, and avoiding handcuffs. But many companies including LG, ZTE, Intel, Vivo, Nvidia and Sony pulled out of the fair.

The organizers of the GSMA have announced that the 2020 Mobile World Congress will be canceled due to the security and healthy environment of Barcelona and the host country. GSMA CEO John Hoffman said the outbreak of the coronavirus, its associated travel difficulties, and other conditions, as well as global concerns, made it impossible to run the program.


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