Mitt Romney will vote on Trump being found guilty on one of the charges


Donald Trump Photo: Reuters

Republican Senator Mitt Romney has said he will vote on recognizing President Trump as guilty of abuse of power by seceding from his party to support Trump’s removal from office, the New York Times reported.

I think that trying to corrupt elections in order to retain power is perhaps the most horrific attack on the Constitution, the newspaper quoted him as saying.

Alabama Sen. Doug Jones, the most threatened Democrat in the November election, said today he would vote for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, the Associated Press reported.

Before the historic vote, senators took the floor, as they did yesterday, to explain their decision on how they intend to vote. Republicans hoped that one or two Democrats would break away from party lines and vote against impeaching the president, which would allow Trump to boast that his accusation was bipartisan, Reuters and BTA noted. But one Democratic senator considered a possible “deserter” – Doug Jones of Alabama, explained why he “reluctantly” decided to follow his party in the vote.

“Moral courage, putting the country above the party is a rare quality today, and it’s hard to show it when your political career may be in jeopardy,” he explained.

Jones has a tough battle for re-election in a Republican-dominated state in which Trump won by 28 percentage points in 2016, and in order to be re-elected, the Democrat will need some Republican votes to be re-elected in the fall. That’s why some expected him to decide to justify Trump on at least one of the charges.

Senator Lamar Alegzander, one of the Republicans who has criticized Trump’s behavior in recent days, explained that his decision to ultimately vote on the indictment, saying the allegations raised by the House of Representatives – even if true – do not meet the constitution’s standards for crimes subject to impeachment.

According to Sen. Camilla Harris of the Democratic Party, the process has shown that “in America, there are two justice systems – one for those in power and the other – for everyone else.” After today’s vote, Donald Trump will want to think that he is almighty, and we have no power. We won’t let him get away, “she swore.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said earlier today that Democrats intend to continue the investigation into Trump and will send a summons to former Trump adviser John Bolton to testify.

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