Missile against AWACS: hypersonic weapon for fighter jet Su-30?


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Russia and India are working together on a new missile for aerial combat: The Russian-Indian joint venture BrahMos Aerospace is to develop a missile to combat early warning and reconnaissance aircraft (AWACS). The Military Watch Magazine (MWM) reports.

India has long been interested in missiles that can also combat AWACS aircraft, writes the specialist magazine. That is why the country has equipped its Su-30MKI fighter jets with Russian K-100 missiles – a weapon that technologically dates from the nineties.
A lot has happened in rocket technology since then. The Russian R-37M For example, it works up to 400 kilometers away and flies to the target at six times the speed of sound. So it is faster than the K-100 – and more agile. In addition, the R-37M has improved electronics and systems for electronic warfare, writes “MWM”.

It can be assumed that the technologies of the R-37M will be used in the development of the new Russian-Indian weapon, according to the specialist magazine. What’s more, the new air-to-air missile will benefit from an upgrade to the Indian Su-30MKI fighter jet. These are to be retrofitted with the AESA radar Irbis-E.

In addition, according to “MWM” there is the prospect of exporting the Russian combat aircraft Su-57 and MiG-35 to India. These weapon systems could then also serve as carriers for the new missile. It is only unclear, according to the magazine, how big it will be. The weapon bay of the Su-57 requires a relatively compact rocket.


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