Mino Rayola commented on the football future of Ibrahimovic and Donoruma


Mino Rayola comments on the future of some of its customers. Yesterday he watched from the stands the duel between Milan and Juventus for the Italian Cup and after answering the questions he answered journalists.

Regarding Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s future, Rayola said: “At the end of the season, he will decide what he wants to do. What would I advise him to do? Continue if he gives pleasure and stop if he is no longer. For now, he seems to be it’s fun. It’s evident from his mood and the way he helps his teammates. He carries another boys’ mentality. ”

“Donorum’s new contract with Milan? Nothing is impossible. We haven’t talked about it. I’m still waiting for an excuse from Milan fans. It’s my job to look after my players. He has a contract for another two years and plenty of time, to assess the situation, “Rayola explained.

Mino Rayola: Holland made the right choice

Mino Rayola: Holland made the right choice

“I’ve been working on selling it for about a year”

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