Minister Van Veldhoven acknowledges housing shortage, Chamber wants action quickly


2 billion euros extra

The opposition parties all think that the government has done too little for years. “Where are the actions?” Says MP Azarkan of Denk, who believes that reports have mainly been written and investigations have been done. “It is policy prose to disguise personal responsibility.” CDA government party is also critical. “The Netherlands BV has failed to build affordable homes,” said Ronnes.

Van Veldhoven believes that the government is already doing a lot; talks are being held with municipalities and provinces about finding building land, there are acceleration teams and an additional EUR 2 billion has been made available. Yesterday she sent an overview of all measures to the House of Representatives.

Return of ‘VROM’

The CDA government party and the SP and PvdA opposition parties want an independent Ministry of Housing or Housing to be established again. The parties believe that this can help to tackle the large housing shortage in the Netherlands more vigorously.

“It is time for another Ministry of Housing to take charge and to continue,” said CDA MP Ronnes in the debate about a better and faster approach to the housing shortage.

PvdA MP Nijboer calls finding a home one of the biggest problems in the Netherlands. “This minister makes living there a little more,” he says. “A Minister of Housing must address the issues, such as building affordable housing, restraining investors and helping starters.”

The first Rutte cabinet abolished the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM) in 2010. The subject of housing construction was placed with several ministries. As a result, building was done with less clout, Ronnes acknowledges. The new ministry should come after the elections in 2021. Van Veldhoven makes no statements about this. “That is up to the next cabinet.”

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