Minister of Manpower: the dignity of the Egyptian citizen “a red danger”


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Egyptian Minister of Manpower, Mohamed Saafan, said this evening Sunday, February 23, that the dignity of the Egyptian citizen in any country in the world is a “red line”.

The Egyptian minister’s statements came as part of the meeting of the Arab Affairs Committee in the Egyptian Parliament, which was reported newspaper The Egyptian “Sunrise”, to discuss briefing requests about the mechanisms implemented by the Ministry to preserve the rights of the Egyptian worker abroad and not to allow his insult.
“We have put in place strong mechanisms to preserve and defend the dignity of the Egyptian worker in all ways and means,” said Safan.

The Egyptian minister added, “The ministry set a minimum salary for the Egyptian worker abroad, as a result of the low wages in some countries.”

Sa`fan pointed out that the Ministry stresses that the contracts agreed upon between the worker and the employer abroad must include this minimum.

He pointed out that the real problem is the work of the Egyptian worker in small projects in some countries because it sets conditions and wages that are not appropriate for working people.

Sa`fan revealed that the Ministry, in order to guarantee the rights of workers abroad in these projects, has set up an “insurance policy” as a basic guarantee with many workers ’rights.

He stressed the need to raise awareness of the Egyptian worker about working in these small projects abroad, pointing to the need for cooperation and joining together to work on this awareness.


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