Milan misses his titular guard?


The Milan team may miss goalkeeper Gianluigi Donaruma, whose contract with the club expires in the summer of 2021, La Gazzetta dello Sport reports. Candidates for the 20-year-old goalkeeper’s signature are not missing, but Juventus and PSG are the most urgent.

If Milan fails to renew Donorum’s contract, it is very likely that he will be sold through the summer transfer window.

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Goalkeeper Agent Mino Rayola has no intention of reaching a renewal of the Donoruma Treaty. A few weeks ago, Rayola was very critical of the Elliott consortium that runs Milan.

The Rossoneri are squeezed by Financial Fairplay and cannot afford to offer a new contract with an annual salary of EUR 6 million. The goalkeeper’s entourage, on the other hand, is reluctant to accept a cut in his salary. If no agreement is reached between the two parties, Donoruma could be sold in the summer for € 50 million.

Does Rayola ruin negotiations between Milan and Donoruma?

Does Rayola ruin negotiations between Milan and Donoruma?

Agent insolence has no limits


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