Middle East wars and crises for American hegemony


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The last fifty years have witnessed wars, crises, and secret intelligence plans that have left fingerprints and changes on the world map, some have interpreted them as local conflicts or regional conflicts, but analysts and observers assert that these contrived wars and crises in the Middle East region starting from the Iran-Iraq war and ending with the war on Syria are only plans to weaken Countries and drain their economies and keep them dominating.

The changes that accompanied wars and crises were aimed in the long term, firstly, achieving the prosperity and stability of the United States by seizing wealth and investments in most countries and secondly in order to maintain American hegemony, and if things went wrong than these countries planned to cause wars, crises and conflicts in order to overthrow regimes and establish New systems loyal to the United States of America.

This is confirmed by the guest of the “Guest of the Week” program, Dr. Abdullah Ahmed, who has translated several books for international writers on American policy and wars in the Middle East.

Including the book “America’s Wars for the Middle East” and “Eisenhower’s Gamble – America’s Rise to Hegemony in the Middle East”

The expert Abdullah Ahmed confirms that there is a global economic crisis that will solve the world and the only solution is independence from this global financial system by relying on industrial and agricultural production and not relying on natural wealth such as gas and oil.

Details in the attached audio file


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