Michael Bloomberg under attack in fierce Democratic debate: “Let us choose a real Democrat”


The ninth debate in line for the candidates for the Democratic nomination in the presidential elections in November was the most challenging one so far. Six candidates appeared, with the biggest names: Bernie Sanders, who won the primacy in New Hampshire, Pete Buttigieg, who was the first to arrive in Iowa. In addition names Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar and Elisabeth Warren part.

But it was a billionaire Michael Bloomberg (78), the former mayor of New York, who received the most attention beforehand. He only officially announced his candidacy at the end of November and is doing well in the polls. The Nevada debate, where there are primaries on Saturday, was the first to participate. It has been broadcast on television throughout the country and was the first time for the general public to get to know Bloomberg and his vision as a presidential candidate. Bloomberg does not participate in Nevada on Saturday.

The five other candidates, who looked at Bloomberg’s advance in the polls with dismay, had done their homework beforehand. Already in the first minutes they bombarded Bloomberg with strong criticism and frontal attacks. One by one they took the proverbial glove and had to continue to cash Bloomberg.

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