Mexican Foreign Minister supports the strike “A day without women” criticized by the Government


MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) – Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said that foreign officials will have freedom of action on March 9, during the work stop baptized “A day without women,” which senior federal officials criticize, starting with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“Obviously, what is being called for on the ninth day (March) is something that we should not only see with respect to freedom of expression, because it is our partners who will decide this, but beyond, see it with sympathy profound because there is an empathy of cause, they have absolute freedom, “said the head of diplomacy, at the end of an act against sexual harassment.

The strike with the legends # UnDíaSinNosotras or # UnDíaSinMujeres, was called by a feminist collective from Veracruz, an industrial port on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, called “Brujas del Mar”, for the day following International Women’s Day.
Ebrard said that the “feminist character of the Foreign Ministry” would elevate him to the Security Council of the United Nations Organization (UN), if Mexico achieves in June the non-permanent seat to represent Latin American countries.

“We want the UN to adopt a feminist perspective like that of Mexico, I do not mean only the objectives already included, but the primary perspective of all the actions of the UN, that’s what we go to the Security Council,” said the chancellor.
Ebrad’s position contrasts with that of López Orador himself, who denounces that there is a “black hand” of the opposition forces, which includes without distinction the qualification of “conservatives”.
“The machismo and those who discriminate are in the conservatives, that everyone manifests, is a right (…), the only thing we raise is ‘no to violence’; if they have problems with us, they do not disguise themselves as feminists it is immoral to get into a legitimate movement, “the president said Wednesday.

The president thus referred to recent protests of feminists, which he considers “violent”, occurred before the National Palace, headquarters of the Executive and his official residence.

Against sexual harassment

Ebrard signed shortly before the pronouncement “Zero Tolerance to the conduct of sexual harassment and sexual harassment”, which corresponds to a new protocol that entered into force on February 17 at the chancellery.
“If we are a feminist government, if we want to transform society, we cannot tolerate the diffusion of treatment regarding sexual harassment and sexual harassment,” said the senior official.
The head of Mexican diplomacy said that “harassment or harassment is cause for loss of confidence” in his office.

He emphasized that “society cannot be changed if we do not achieve substantive equality, it cannot be done.”

He recalled that in his speech to the UN General Assembly he said that the Government of Mexico “is feminist, because it sustains and promotes a great social transformation (…) everything that goes against substantive equality offends us and also calls us to take action “.
The Business Coordinating Council (CCE) of Mexico, an autonomous body that regulates actions of various chambers of the private sector, has already joined the national women’s strike called for Monday, March 9, as a form of protest against the increase in femicide and violence against women in the country.
The Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic also announced that it joins and stands in solidarity with the initiative, given “the serious problem that women live” in a country where between nine and 10 of them are killed every day.

Femicide cases grew 137% in the last five years in this country; and in 2019, almost 3,800 investigations for femicides were opened, but only a quarter ended with prosecution.


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