Message from 3 words from Amr Diab to Dina El Sherbiny on Valentine’s Day


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Egyptian singer Amr Diab sent a message to the Egyptian actress, Dina El-Sherbiny, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14 of each year.

“Diab” shared a recent photo of him with Dina El-Sherbiny, as they sat in a restaurant, and his message came in the form of 3 words, “What are you?”

Amr Diab inspired his message to Dina El-Sherbiny, from the name of his songs, in his new album, “Sahran”, which he recently released.

And it is rumored that Amr Diab’s marriage to Dina El-Sherbiny, especially after her presence with him on many occasions and parties.

It is noteworthy that Amr Diab is married to Saudi fashion designer Zina Ashour, from whom he has 3 children, who are Kenzi, Jana and Abdullah.


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