Mercedes is hinting at social media for new color on car


The Formula 1 team of Mercedes it is next Friday’s turn to show her new car for the 2020 season to the world and there may be a surprise in store for us. Is the color red on the livery of the W11?

Mercedes has long been nicknamed ‘the Silver Arrows’ and this is partly due to the gray / silver as the main color of its Formula 1 cars. This color will also be returned this season, but something will also be added to the color scheme. On her Twitter account, the team from Stuttgart already states that the colors silver and green will be on the W11 anyway, but it adds that an extra color will be added to the new toy.

From the short video that Mercedes shared on social media, it could be deduced that in addition to the colors silver and green, the W11 is also provided with the color red. This is because the image shows how a reddish color is sprayed onto the camera lens. From the responses to this message it can be seen that Mercedes is likely to choose the color red. The colors orange and pink are also mentioned, but red seems to be the most obvious for various reasons.

Mercedes could choose the color red in memory of Niki Lauda, ​​who died last year. The German racing team could also choose red because its new sponsor, INEOS, already sponsors various sports teams that wear the color red. The new collaboration with computer chip manufacturer AMD could also be a reason to process the color red on the W11. After all, AMD also uses the colors orange and red in its communications.


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