“Mercedes comment about our engine position is wrong”


“Mercedes seems to know very well what we are doing. But I can say: it is not right,” said Binotto. That sets the tone. The Italian team boss responds to statements made by Mercedes last week. “Why did Ferrari run much more cautious engine positions during the first test week than the customer teams?”, The public wondered at the championship formation.

While Ferrari contradicts the story about the engine positions, Binotto does provide another explanation for the current backlog. According to him, it is not just a matter of playing hide and seek. “We are not yet as fast as we would like. In terms of lap time, we will probably not be the fastest team at the start of this season either,” he said Motorsport.com. “What exactly are we missing then? Well, the car as a whole is faster than last year’s. We are mainly faster in the corners, but therefore slower on the straights.”

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These words fit Ferrari’s ambition to solve last year’s downforce problem. According to Binotto, that has been quite successful, although it is now about finding the right balance. “We know that we were too slow in turns last year. We tried to solve that by finding as much extra downforce as possible. But we are now paying a price for it on the straight”, the Italian continues. “In the end it all comes down to the overall balance and the adjustment. It is precisely in that area that we still have to improve ourselves. But then again: that is precisely part of our assignment for this second week.”

Sebastian Vettel agrees with the words of his team boss. “As Mattia pointed out, we might have wanted to be a bit further. But at the same time, we have a long season ahead and we are barely starting. So we have to look at ourselves. We have a lot of work to do, but we know what we need to improve. ” He is also pleased with the extra downforce of the SF1000. “And that is not just about speed in slow turns, it also plays a major role in tire management,” he points to one of Ferrari’s weaknesses in 2019.

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