Mercedes champions drove the new car


The champion and absolute hegemon for the past 6 years in Formula 1 – Mercedes, officially unveiled the car for the new season.

Silver Arrows showed the design of the machine a few days ago, but today officially launched the engine of the new W11.

Champion Lewis Hamilton and teammate Valteri Botas had a chance to take the car on day one. They will go 100 kilometers on Silverstone, with the Finnish first appearing on the legendary track and then the British champion.

The dominance of the Mercedes in the turbo-hybrid era is total, with the team triumphing with 6 consecutive titles in pilots and builders.

This is an even Ferrari record, and the goal is the No. 7 title for both team and Lewis Hamilton.

Monday’s presentation was primarily about the introduction of the new powerful sponsor INEOS, who will be pouring serious sums into the club over the next 5 years.

Naturally, the company got its seats in the car. The red in the sponsor’s name will be the two ends of the front fender, as well as the engine air pipe above the pilot’s head.

What we will show today is evolution, not revolution. Don’t expect shocking news.
Everything is done more precisely, it is optimized. We tried to clear the mistakes from last year. Cooling was our main problem, but I think it has already been solved. The car is definitely heading in the right direction“said team boss Toto Wolf.

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