Max Verstappen chooses Bradley Scanes as the new personal trainer


Max Verstappen has hired a new personal trainer before the start of the 2020 season. It’s about Bradley Scanes, who is the successor of Jake Aliker.

At the end of the previous season, Verstappen already announced that the collaboration with Aliker was coming to an end. Aliker wanted to race less and therefore stepped aside. At the time, the Verstappen did not yet announce who his new personal trainer was going to be, but in the run-up to the new season that is clear. Because of the collaboration with Hintsa Performance, the company with which about half of the grid works, he has chosen a new trainer from that company.

The choice therefore fell on Scanes. In addition to being a personal trainer, he is also a physical therapist. In that capacity, he had been involved in the national basketball team of Great Britain for three years in the past, while since December 2018 he has also been a physio member of the British gymnastics association. Through Hintsa Performance, a collaboration with Verstappen is also being added.

During a press moment of Red bull Verstappen stated that Scanes has a different method. “I have a new trainer and then your training program is of course a little different than the previous one, because everyone has their own approach. He uses different movements again, but he is also physio. That’s great. We work together with Hintsa, so we made this decision together.

After working with Aliker for a number of years, both Verstappen and Hintsa thought it was time for a breath of fresh air in his physical development. So that happens with the appointment of Scanes. “I’m only 22, so it’s a kind of natural progression. I’ve never had any problems with it, but if you can grow some extra muscle while maintaining your weight, why not?”


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