Match # 110 for the honor of Plovdiv! Today will be the absentee derby!



The Plovdiv derby # 110 will be played today between the teams of Botev and Lokomotiv in the native elite. The duel is at 14.30 at the Komatevo base.Like already informs its readers in detail, absolute parity in the statistics between the two grants has been going on for 14 months. So far, Lokomotiv and Botev have 39 victories in the native elite, and 31 times have ended in draws. Head difference 130: 130.

This edition, however, may be called the Absentee Derby, as surely 9 footballers who played in the Loutta Autumn match will now be unable to take part. In Loko these are Stephen Eze, Georgi Iliev, Alain Ozbolt, Milos Petrovic and Petar Vitanov.

Botev will not see Christian Dimitrov, Ebert Cardozo, Marco Parvan and Fernando Viana. The Rockies star Todor Nedelev does not play in Louta’s 1-1 draw, and is unlikely to participate today. The midfielder joined the team but soon recovered from meniscus surgery.

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