MartiniPlaza employee pushed back tons (update)


The FIOD has seized the accused’s home. “Crime may not pay,” says the investigation department.

Unusual transactions

The Financial Intelligence Unit, another government agency, received reports of unusual transactions. It was noticeable that the woman regularly made large cash deposits into her bank account after working hours.

“The income of the woman was not sufficient to explain the amount of these amounts,” says the FIOD. “The money was probably used to gamble online.”

Self known

According to MartiniPlaza, the woman herself has announced that she has committed theft. She did that early last year. “Then the matter came to light,” writes Martini Plaza.

“It was a shock when she announced that this had happened,” says Willem de Kok, general manager of Martini Plaza.

“The employee has turned away cash,” says De Kok, who is afraid that he will not see the amount. The lack of three tons would have no influence on the exploitation of MartiniPlaza.

Criminal investigation

It was initially assumed that the amounts involved were smaller. A criminal investigation revealed at the beginning of this year that the amounts involved were large and that fraud was committed over a longer period.

The employment of the woman, who worked at MartiniPlaza for 23 years, most recently in the finance department, has since been terminated. MartiniPlaza has reported fraud and embezzlement.

The Financial Intelligence Unit is the Dutch government services where institutions must report their unusual transactions. The FIOD (Tax Information and Investigation Service) is the Dutch investigation service and part of the Tax Authorities.

This article has been supplemented by a response from general manager Willem de Kok of MartiniPlaza.

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