Maria Ignatova: I’m fine alone!


After Maria Ignatova and Dimitar Rachkov split last February, the more time passes, the more new confessions come about the former partners’ personal lives.

The blonde, who has been through a lot of emotional states, recently admitted to a radio interview something that many were unlikely to hear.

“I’m fine alone, I even love being alone. I love most lonely nights when no one is calling you, you won’t be distracted,” Ignatova admitted to Darik Radio. He added that he had no intention of celebrating the lovers’ upcoming holiday.

Instead of love, Maria Ignatova intends to devote herself entirely to the work – as it was already understood recently, the blonde will start her own show, which premieres on February 14th at the Sofia club in Sofia.

“We will tell the truth and share some things of my life. The resemblance to real people and events will not be accidental,” the former mistress of the airwave admitted.

“Without Gram Instasram” is the title of the show of Ignatov, who will partner on stage with Alex Raeva, Nencho Balabanov and Rafi Bohosyan. The blonde said she relied heavily on content because she was fed up of cooking shows, writes Shaw Blitz.

“I stopped cooking at home because of the many cooking shows. It can’t just be done and done with kapama,” she exploded. The former master host suffers from the show and claims it is extremely necessary nowadays. “Even a minute ago, a man wrote to me who reported a wrong company,” she added.


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