Manufactured locally … Israel reveals its most dangerous armed aircraft


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Israel is one of the few countries that produce Drones military drones, most notably the Heron drones, which will unveil their latest version at the Singapore Air Show this month.

Site said American “Gunz”, that the Israeli Space Industries Company announced that it will unveil a new version of its drone, “Heron”, noting that it bears the name “Heron MK2”.

The site says, the new drone has more capabilities than the previous version, called the “Heron TB”.

The website pointed out that the most important features of the new drone are the 50 per cent increase in flight height over the previous version, and a speed ranging from 220 to 260 kilometers per hour.

The fuselage has been designed with larger areas, making it more capable of carrying various types of weapons, sensors and radars for military monitoring and control.

One of the most important features of this aircraft is that it makes the Israeli army able to reach distant areas at safe altitudes, in addition to being equipped with “sonar” devices to detect submarines in its operating areas.

The new aircraft can land on conventional military landing lanes, even if those lanes are outside their launching bases, which means great flexibility in carrying out military missions.

And that drone “Heron MK2” can fly at altitudes of up to 12 thousand meters, and it can stay in the air for 45 hours continuously, compared to 30 hours the ability to remain the previous version of the plane, According to the site The Israeli Aerospace Company “IAE”.


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