Male thief throws a bag of crack, a small pitbull swallows it and ends up at the vet – image


Veterinarians have saved the life of a pit bull puppy after he swallowed crackdiscarded in the owner’s garden by a search subject.

In the United States, a small pit bull had to spend a night in the hands of veterinarians after swallowing cocaine, according to CNN.

Police were executing a property search warrant on February 12 when one of the suspects threw a bag of crack cocaine into the nearby garden, police spokesman said. Detroit.

The police then heard a bark. Having moved, they discovered the bag torn and chewed by a small pit bull. They immediately contacted the Michigan Humane Society (MHS), an animal welfare organization. The one-year-old puppy was quickly taken care of by his employees.

Its owner said he was afraid. He had to wait until night to find his four-legged friend, detained because of the treatments.

Unknown manager

Law enforcement officials were unable to establish who threw the drugs, the source said. He added that no one had been charged in connection with the incident.


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