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South Korean film Parasite about history at the 92nd Academy Awards. Parasite won four awards, including best picture and director. Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite also won the award for Best Foreign Language Film. This is the first time a foreign language film has been nominated for an Oscar. This is the first time a South Korean film has won an Oscar.

Walkin Phoenix won Best Actor for Joker’s Magical Performance;

The full list of award winners is given below

Image: Parasite
Actor: Walkin Phoenix, Image: Joker
Actress: Renee Zellweger, Image: Judy
Director: Bon Joon Ho, Image: Parasite
International Image: Parasite
Co-star Laura Denn, film Marriage Story
Co-star Brad Pitt, pictured: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Photography: Roger Dickins Image, 1917
Music: The Joker. Music Director: Hilder Goodnodottir
Original Song: Love Me Again, Image: Rocketman, Singer: Elton John
Editing: Michael McCusker, Andrew Buckd, Picture, Ford vs. Ferrari:
Animated Image: Toy Story 4
Original screenplay: Parasite, Boon Joon Ho, Han Jin Won
Source Screenplay: Jojo Rabbit (Taika Waititi)
Costume Design: Little Women, Jacqueline Duran
Production Design Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Barbara Ling
Anime short film Hair Love
Live action short film: The Neighbors Window
Documentary: American Factory
Documentary (short theme) Learning to Skateboard in a Warsaw
Sound Editing: Donald Sylvester. Picture: Ford Versus Ferrari
Sound Mixing: Mark Taylor and Stuart Wilson. Image: 1917
Visual Effects: Guillaume Rocheroon, Greg Butler, Dominic Tauhi. Figure 1917
Makeup and Hairstyle: Kazuo Hiro, Ann Morgan, Vivian Baker, Image: Bombshell

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