Magda Al Roumi: The events in Lebanon prevented me from singing a poem by Nizar Qabbani in the Emirates


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Lebanese actress Magda El Roumi held a press conference yesterday, Wednesday, in Abu Dhabi, before her upcoming concert tomorrow, Friday, at the end of the Abu Dhabi classical music season, which is organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi.

Magda Al-Roumi said that the role of the artist is no less important than that of the politician, and that he has the duty of a good citizen towards his homeland. According to the newspaper The Emirati statement.
Al-Roumi indicated that during the ceremony, she will sing the poems that people loved. Follow-up, “We love the world, and it is nice to feel in the Emirates that everything is comfortable and peaceful, and this peace is a blessing that we value very much in times of Arab turmoil.”

“I feel joy every time we return to this land, and I hope that God will protect the Emirates.”

She explained, “I was coming to sing a poem by the poet Nizar Qabbani, but the circumstances prevented me from that, because of the events in Lebanon.”

Al-Roumi indicated that “the poems always have a place in my work, because I love the Arabic poem, and I hope those who sing today take this point into consideration, and I find that the trend is going to popular songs and speech close to the general concept, knowing that the poems are our responsibility.”


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