Maduro highlights the defense of Venezuela to 1 year of trying to enter “humanitarian aid”


CARACAS (Sputnik) – The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted the civic-military action in defense of the country a year ago, when the opposition tried to enter an alleged humanitarian aid, qualified by his Government as an attempt to invade that South American nation .

“A year ago when the empire and its lackeys tried to attempt against the Homeland, the Venezuelans united to the FANB, we defended with courage and dignity this sacred ground with the same strength and heroism as that of our liberators. Long live the brave people. Venezuelan! “wrote the Head of State on the social network Twitter.

On February 23, 2019, the opposition announced that shipments of food and medicines donated by the US and other countries would enter through the border, without the permission of the Government.

Irregular situations were reported during the donation of donations at the Francisco de Paula Santander and Simón Bolívar bridges, bordering with Colombia.

As a result, some of the trucks from Colombia were burned and hundreds of people were injured after the confrontation in the border area.

A day before these events, President Nicolás Maduro had ordered the land closure of the borders with Colombia and Brazil.

The attempt to enter humanitarian aid “was led by the opponent Juan Guaidó, who a month before had proclaimed himself” president in charge “of Venezuela.

For his part, Maduro had branded humanitarian aid as “crumbs” and “a show to justify an intervention in the country.”

Venezuela is going through a political crisis that worsened on January 23, when Guaidó proclaimed himself “president in charge” of the country.

President Maduro, who assumed his second term on January 10 after elections that the opposition describes as fraudulent, called Guaidó’s declaration of attempted coup d’etat and held the United States responsible for orchestrating him.

Guaidó was immediately recognized by the US, to which some 50 countries joined, while Russia, China, Cuba, Bolivia, Iran and Turkey, among others, maintain support for the Government of Maduro.


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