Maduro calls on young people to defend Venezuela with weapons


CARACAS (Sputnik) – Venezuelan President Nicol├ís Maduro called on young people to prepare to defend their country with weapons and to participate in the military exercises scheduled for February 15 and 16, in that South American nation.

“Raise your hand want to participate in the military operation Bolivarian Shield next weekend, those who want to learn to handle a rifle to defend the homeland, raise your hand those who are willing to defend the homeland with weapons in hand” , the Head of State said when he received the participants of the youth march in Caracas at the Miraflores Palace (seat of Government).

During his speech, the president made an oath with the youth, in which they promised to be ready to defend the peace of Venezuela.

“We swear to be ready to take up arms if necessary to defend our land, to defend our homeland, to defend peace, to defend the right to the future, we swear by our lives, before God, before the liberators, before our commander (Hugo ) Chavez (1954-2013), that as a youth of the 21st century we will not fail the country, “he said.
On January 8, Maduro said that these are special military exercises, through which they will deploy the weapons system and all the forces of the Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB).
The exercises will be executed in the cities of Caracas, Maracay (Aragua state), Valencia (Carabobo state), Barquisimeto (Lara state) and Maracaibo (Zulia state).

The Head of State said that the military exercises are not only to prepare to face the aggressions of the United States or Colombia, but to respond to the mafias involved in smuggling fuel to neighboring countries.


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